Yenny Guiselli Torres Navarrete

She is an Animal Science Engineer with a Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Sustainable Management, having a solid career in academia and research. Currently, I serve as the Academic Vice Chancellor of the Technical State University of Quevedo [(Vicerrectora Académica, Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo)(UTEQ)], where I oversee and supervise academic policies and the curricular development of the institution.

Professional Experience:

* Academic Vice Chancellor, Technical State University of Quevedo (Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo: UTEQ)

    * Supervision and development of academic policies.

    * Coordination of educational and curricular programs.

    * Leadership in the implementation of innovative academic initiatives.

* Director of Research Projects

    * Management and direction of various research projects in the areas of livestock, agriculture, and education.

    * Promotion of applied research for sustainable development and improvement of agricultural practices.


Author of more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles in the areas of livestock, agriculture, and education. My work has significantly contributed to the knowledge and development of sustainable practices in these fields.

Areas of Expertise:

* Livestock: Research in livestock production and management, genetic improvement, and sustainable practices.

* Agriculture: Study and development of sustainable agricultural techniques, conservation of natural resources.

* Education: Innovation in teaching methodologies, curriculum development, and academic management.


* Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Sustainable Management.

* Animal Science Engineering.

My commitment is to continue contributing to sustainable development through research and education, promoting innovative and sustainable practices in livestock and agriculture, and strengthening the educational quality in my institution.

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