PhD. Sneh Punia Bangar

Sneh Punia Bangar

Post-doctoral Fellow
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department

Educational Background

Clemson University
Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Ph.D


Sneh Bangar is a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences at Clemson University.

Research Interests

Her research interest includes the extraction and functional characterization of starches, modified starches, cellulose, biopolymers, and nanocomposite films/coatings. Her research goal is upcycling agro and food industry waste for food and packaging applications.


Sneh Punia Bangar, K.V. Sunooj, Muhammed Navaf, Yuthana Phimolsiripol, William Scott Whiteside (2024). Recent Advancements in Cross-linked starches for food applications- A review. International Journal of Food Properties.
Sneh Punia Bangar and William Scott Whitesdie (2024). Effect of retort processing and motion types on digestibility of black beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) starch. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. doi:10.1111/ijfs.16580.
Simoneth Jimenez, Sneh Punia Bangar, Mathew Suffern, William Scott Whiteside (2023).Understanding Retort Thermal Processing: A Review. Food Science and Nutrition.

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