Prof. Dr. Roman GALIK

On June 1, the Academic Senate of the Technical Faculty of SPU in Nitra elected prof. Roman Gálik as a candidate for TF dean for the term of office 2022 - 2026.

Prof. R. Gálik was the only candidate out of 26 proposed candidates for TF dean, he received 47% of all proposals.

Prof. Roman Gálik won the necessary majority of the votes of TF senate members already in the first round of elections. Out of 14 voting members of the senate, 10 senators expressed their support for him.

Prof. Ing. Roman Gálik, PhD., has been working as a university teacher at SPU in Nitra since 1997. He graduated from the field of mechanization of agriculture at the then Mechanization Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences in Nitra. He received the title of docent in 2007, he was appointed as a professor in the field of agricultural and forestry technology in 2015.