Prof. Dr. Stanisław (Stan) Pluta

Prof. Dr. Stanisław (Stan) Pluta – research worker at the National
Institute of Horticultural Research (InHort) in Skierniewice, Poland,
since 1985. He is a geneticist and breeder of new cultivars of small/berry
crops, including blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.), highbush blueberry
(Vaccinum corymbosum L.). He is the author and co-author of 150
original publications and scientific reports in Polish and English, 9
monographs (including 3 books for berry producers) and implementation
instructions, and over 190 professional articles for growers. Stan is the
author of 13 bred cultivars (10 blackcurrant cvs., 2 gooseberry cvs., 1
Saskatoon berry cv.) included in the national Register of Cultivars in
COBORU and 11 cultivars protected by Community law in the CPVO, Angers, France and
3 blackcurrant cvs. are protected by the plant patents in the USA.
Prof. Stan Pluta participated actively in 40 foreign and 64 domestic conferences, symposiums
and scientific seminars. He was the coordinator or contractor of 15 domestic and foreign
research projects and grants regarding small/berry crops. His scientific interests include:
horticulture, genetic resources, cultivar collections, genetics and breeding, small/berry crops,
cultivar evaluation, modern technologies for growing small/berry crops, including machine
fruit harvesting.

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