Prof. Dr. Fatih ÖZOĞUL

Professor Fatih ÖZOĞUL

Agricultural Sciences, Seafood, Seafood Processing Technologies, Food Engineering, Food Technology, Aquaculture Products Technology, Engineering and Technology

Names in Publications: oezogul Fatih

Cukurova University, Faculty of Fisheries

Department of Seafood Processing Technology



Head of Dept. of Seafood Processing Technology

Director of Biotechnology Research and Application Center




G. Scholar:



Ranking: Top 1% World Scientists: Stanford University Ranking

Highly cited Resercher in Agricultural Sciences, 2023 by Clarivate.


Professor OZOGUL is a world-renowned scientist who is appreciated in the international scientific community with his numerous scientific researches and studies in the field of food science and technology. After completing his undergraduate education at Cukurova University in 1994, he went to England for his post-graduate studies. He successfully completed his master’s degree at the University of Hull in 1998 and his doctorate at the University of Lincoln in 2002. He has been working at Cukurova University, Dept. of Seafood Processing Technology since May 2002. He has held administrative positions such as head of the department, vice dean, and still carries out the duties the head of Dept. of Seafood Processing Technology and head of Biotechnology Research and Application Centre.

Professor OZOGUL has published more than 250 articles in internationally recognized journals in the field of food science, and has written 20 book chapters in books published by international publishing companies. He edited a book and three of them are still in progress. His publications have received more than 7600 citations (h-index 46) in Web of Science, 9000 citations (h-index 52) in Scopus, and 13600 citations (h-index 60) in Google Scholar. He has contributed to the training of many young scientists as an important part of their scientific research. He has supervised the work of numerous graduate, postgraduate (MSc, PhD) students as well as postdoctoral researchers.

Professor OZOGUL has made significant contributions focusing on food biotechnology and food microbiology areas, especially, shelf life of seafood products, food safety risks in processing, nano-technological applications in food preservation, use of herbal extracts in food preservation and marine toxins. He developed his own food analysis techniques, and conducted studies based on instrumental and microbiological analyses. In addition to many TÜBİTAK projects in which he took part as a coordinator and researcher, he received research support from many institutions such as DPT, Ministry of Industry. He has successfully completed the PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) project, supported by the H2020, in which he is the first coordinator of the project for Türkiye. He started two PRIMA projects supported in June 2023 and 2024 as Turkey’s principal investigator (coordinator). He has been actively involved in many different projects within the scope of the EU-COST program, and currently has served as the “work package leadership” and “short-term scientific mission” vice leader for two COST projects. He has involved in many COST action project as member as well. In May 2023, he took part as a “secondary proposer” in another COST project supported by EU. These successful studies and scientific contributions have also been highly appreciated in the international arena. According to the rankings made by Stanford University, he has been on the list of the World’s Top 1% Scientist in Food Science for the last three years and has an internationally respected position. Besides, Professor. OZOGUL has become a highly cited researcher in the field of Agricultural Sciences, released by Clarivate Web of Science in 2023.

In addition to his research, Professor OZOGUL has an international reputation with his duties in important journals in the field of food science and inspires young scientists by successfully representing his country on international platforms. Professor OZOGUL is the editor of the journals “Food Bioscience”, “Frontiers in Microbiology” and “Measurement: Food”. He is also a member of the editorial board of “Trends in Food Science & Technology” and “Data in Brief” journals published by Elsevier.

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