Prof. Dr. Elena Bartkiene

Prof. Dr. Elena Bartkiene (Doctor of Physical Sciences, Chemistry) Professor at the Department of Food Safety and Quality, Senior Researcher and Head of the Institute of Animal Rearing Technologies, Dean of Faculty of Animal Sciences at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU); True member (Academician) of Lithuanian Academy of Science, author and co-author of more than 200 ISI WOS publications and author of 2 patents registered in European Patent Office (No.: PCT/IB2015/057173 and No.: PCT/IB2015/057168) and one patent registered in the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (“System for the people’s early-stage depressive disorder detection”; Document no. 6735; Type B; Application no. 2018 030; date of application, 11-10-2018; date of publication of application, 27-04-2020; date of publication of patent, 25-05-2020). Occupational field: agro-innovations and food / feed (bio)technologies: higher value food raw materials / products development and technologies modeling / optimization for the food / feed industry; sustainable / alternative agro-biological resources (biorefining / valorization of food industry by-products to value-added components / products for the food / pharmaceutical / feed industry); safer food. More information can be found at:;

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