Profesor. Dr. Luis Godoy Montiel

Agricultural Engineer, PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Research, with an extensive career in academia and research. Currently I work as a Research Professor at the State Technical University of Quevedo (UTEQ), where I execute multidisciplinary projects and at the same time I teach classes in my area of expertise.
Professional Experience:

  • Teaching Researcher, Quevedo State Technical University (UTEQ).
  • Director of multidisciplinary research projects.
  • Research Assistant in several projects in the areas of livestock and agriculture at national and international level.
    Author of more than 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles in the areas of agriculture and breeding. My works have contributed significantly in broadening knowledge in these fields.
    Areas of Expertise:
  • Agriculture: Genetic studies on bean disease resistance; adaptation and introduction of new bean and groundnut cultivars; plant physiology in cocoa and African palm crops.
  • Livestock: Effects of nutrition in bovine species based on various adapted and native forage species.


  • PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Research.
  • Specialisation in Plant Breeding.
  • Agricultural Engineer.

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